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100 Pecans For Tabitha

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Tabitha loves to make pecan brittle and pecan pie. She is on the hunt to find 100 pecans to make her favorite treats. She looks in the bushes, knocks them out of the trees, and more. Along the way she learns facts about pecans and why her grandmother has the trees in her yard.
 Teaches counting by fives, two recipes and educational pecan info. Suggested age range for readers: 1-10

100 Pecans for Tabitha is a picture book published by Guardian Angel Publishing.

100 Pecans for Tabitha is written by Children's Book Author, Tracey M. Cox . Tracey lives in South GA with her husband, three children, and pupper-dogs. She has been writing professionally since 2000. 100 Pecans for Tabitha is her 9th published picture book.

100 Pecans for Tabitha is illustrated by Eugene Ruble. Eugene has 40 years of art encompasses, graphic art and design, freelance illustration, and cartooning under his belt. He is also a 30-year Distinguished Member of the St. Louis Artists' Guild.

Purchase 100 PECANS FOR TABITHA: Guardian Angel Publishing, Indie Bound, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Books-A-Million.
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Love this! Story, counting lesson and recipes all wrapped up in an engaging book.
By Susan J. Berger on November 9, 2015
100 Pecans for Tabitha drew me in immediately. Tabitha’s search for 100 pecans she can keep for herself is a story, a math lesson, and I got so hungry for the pecan brittle Tabitha wanted to make with her Grandma. Fortunately the recipe for Microwave Pecan Brittle and a recipe for pecan pie are at the end of the story. Following the recipes, the author shares pecan facts for children. I didn't know many of these facts and I am sure my grand-kids will enjoy them. Right after we make the pecan brittle. Thank you Tracy M. Cox for a scrumptious read. Strongly recommend!

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