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ISBN# 9781616333621
eBook ISBN# 9781616333638

Spin a web and see what you will find as you explore the alphabet on spiders. From A to Z you'll find yourself caught up investigating different spiders andlearning common spider traits. Suggested age range for readers: 5-12.

Arachnabet is a soft-cover picture book published by Guardian Angel Publishing. Arachnabet is written by Children's Book Author, Tracey M. Cox . Tracey lives in South GA with her husband, three children, and pupper-dogs. She has been writing professionally since 2000. Arachnabet is her sixth picture book with Guardian Angel Publishing.

Arachnabet's photographs supplied by Tracey M. Cox.

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5 stars
An Alphabet of Spiders
by Tracey M. Cox
Children - Non-Fiction
Reviewed on 10/16/2014
Book Review
Reviewed by Bil Howard for Readers' Favorite
If you are afraid of spiders, then Arachnabet by Tracey M. Cox is not for you or perhaps it is time to face your fear. If you are curious about what goes on in the world of web spinning and eight legs, you will enjoy this book. This is a quick look at spiders using the alphabet to organize them. In addition to the names of spiders that begin with each particular letter, there are plenty of photos and even a diagram that helps you to identify the body parts of these very interesting creatures. Once young readers have enjoyed a quick glimpse at the shapes, colors and unique attributes of several members of the arachnid class, they are treated to more in-depth information about each of the creatures at the end of the book.
Tracey M. Cox has used a timeless organizational tool to help young readers learn a little bit more about a fascinating and sometimes scary set of creatures in Arachnabet. Through the use of the alphabet, the author gives a structure to what could simply be a chaotic collection of eight-legged creatures. The touch of playfulness within the tone of the book helps young readers to understand that spiders might seem scary, but most of them are not harmful. Tracey’s guide at the end of the book is beneficial to young readers who want to dig a little bit deeper into the subject, but does not go into so much depth that it goes beyond the simple purpose. All in all, Arachnabet is a well organized, quick reference to understanding and becoming familiar with a mysterious creature which is often maligned.


5.0 out of 5 stars -Spiders
By Janet Ann Collins
This review is from: Arachnabet- an Alphabet of Spiders (Paperback) Arachnabet, an Alphabet of Spiders by Tracey M. Cox is an unusual book. It's a picture alphabet book, and those are usually intended for little kids. However the pictures in this book are photos of various kinds of spiders and their habitats, and the book is full of scientific information.
No wonder the age span of intended readers is from five to twelve years old. In fact I'm a grown up, and I found the book fascinating. and learned things I'd never known before. Some of the scientific names may be a bit challenging for younger readers, but they'll probably still enjoy the book and feel proud of being able to use that vocabulary.
The photos are beautiful, fascinating and, for most kids, not scary. In fact, some people who are afraid of spiders might find reading this book helps them get over that fear.
The information about spiders that goes with each alphabet letter is just enough to make readers want to learn more, and more is provided in the Taking a Closer Look section at the back of the book.
Kids will find this book helpful for school projects and any of them who are interested in science and nature will enjoy reading it just for fun.


5.0 out of 5 stars -Love them or hate them, but here you learn about them!
By Penelope Anne Cole
This review is from: Arachnabet- an Alphabet of Spiders (Paperback) Arachnidas or arachnids, those eight legged critters, now have their own alphabet book, Arachnabet, by Tracey M. Cox. If you are a spider lover or an arachnophobe - someone afraid of them, this book will enlighten you about these amazing animals. Yes, arachnids are animals. A new fact I learned from this book:
"~I= Identifying a spider: A spider is a small animal, not an insect. Spiders have eight legs and a body divided into two parts."
In Arachnabet, Tracey M. Cox has incredible photographs which show us these unique creatures in their habitats. The alphabet letters have pictures accompanying the arachnids with a question or fact. At the end of the book there are more detailed explanations and information. Hopefully, this book will inspire young readers, age five to twelve, to enjoy these fascinating facts and want to further study arachnids.
Depending on your perspective, these are beautiful, frightening or annoying animals. My experience with spiders is a love/hate one. I love the Daddy Long Legs spiders that prey on mosquitoes. I hate the Black Widow and Brown Recluse spiders that hide everywhere and whose bites are poisonous. When I see Tarantulas they are so big they scare me. Learning more about them does help:
"~T= Tarantulas are one of the biggest spiders. They are hairy and scary looking, but won't bite unless you bother them. Tarantulas are also the longest living spider. Females can live up to 25 years."
Because arachnids have important roles in our ecosystem, learning more about them helps us appreciate them more. This may somewhat ease the fears that horror movie makers have capitalized on over the years.
I trust that teachers, parents, and students will find this book interesting and educational. Perhaps it will help stimulate more study and research into these amazing animals. Thank you, Tracey M. Cox, for this interesting and colorful contribution to arachnid lore.

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