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A lot of people ask... "Do I need a presence online?"
I immediately tell them... "YES!" and Yes, I say it LoUd! hahaha.

There are numerous reasons:

  • You want potential clients/customers/people you want to find you to...well, find you! And TRUST ME! They will look for you.
  • You want to be in control of the information that is on you out there. Be the sounding board for you! Yes, you are your best cheerleader. *\0/*
  • You want quality pictures, downloads, etc. to be accessible to your audience.

Websites, Blogs, and Portfolios are the bottom line best way to set up your online presence. From your website you can add all your contact information... email, phone number, social media outlets, payment setups, etc.

Websites / Blogs | Credits

Websites / Blogs

SET UP... $500.00 ...which includes landing page and up to five (5) additional pages.
UPDATE... $150.00 update information across original site.
REVAMP... $300.00 ...which includes landing page and up to five (5) additional pages. This is because of the potential of total new content and/or layout.
PAYMENT... I accept payment by PAYPAL.

You will need to mail me at: TMC Productions with the subject line of WEBSITE SERVICES. In the body of your email I will need your name, email address, and which type (website or blog} you are interested in. Plus an idea on how you envision your website to look. I will respond with payment instructions and turn around time. I will need to have your initial payment cleared before I begin.


I took website design at East Central Tech College (now known as Wire Grass Tech) in the 1990s. I now stay current through various website updates and constant researching.


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